SAP IDocs Maintenance Of Partner Profile

Partner Profiles store all of the necessary information related to an external business partner. This information is used by the system to route IDocs to the correct recipient, ensuring that they reach their intended destination without delay.

All business partners with whom we want to exchange IDocs must have an up-to-date partner profile. WE20 is the code used for partner profile maintenance.
Figure 1 Partner Profiles
If you double click on the Partner, this screen will appear:
Figure 2 Partner Profile Li - Overview
The partner profile includes settings for processing inbound and outbound IDocs. Within Inbound and Outbound parameters, we are able to maintain message type, inbound/outbound options, message control, post processing options, and contact information for each message type.

Outbound Options (Outbound Parameters)


This includes setting the sender/receiver port, output mode and link to the IDoc type such as Basic Type and its extensions.
Figure 3 Partner Profile – Outbound Parameter
Message Control (Outbound Parameters)
This IDoc is generated for applications such as EF (Purchase Order), with a message type that triggers the IDoc and a Process Code to convert your SAP document into an IDoc. For instance, when sending PO to Vendor AXXXXZ, you must set the outbound option of partner AXXXXZ with message type ZXX1 and connect it to Process Code ME10. When PO triggers message type ZXX1, an IDoc will be created for partner vendor AXXXXZ.
In SAP, a Function Module is associated with Process Code to convert application data into an IDoc. SAP offers standard function modules for this conversion, which may also be customized to meet business requirements.
Figure 4 Partner Profile – Outbound Parameter – Message Control
The Change Message Indicator specifies whether an IDoc is transmitted as an update notification. For instance, vendors are notified of order changes via EDI message type 860.
Figure 5 Partner Profile – Outbound Parameter – Message Control – Change Message Indicator
The purchase order should send a different message type when there is a change. A new line in the Message Control tab should be added with the change message indicator enabled.


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