SAP Idoc Processing

SAP Idoc Processing is a feature of the SAP ERP software system that enables users to exchange data between different systems. SAP Idoc processing can be used to send documents, orders, invoices, prices and other information between different systems. The SAP Idoc processing infrastructure enables the handling of documents, orders and data within the system through automatic, manual or background job processing.

Automatic/Immediate Processing
IDocs in this situation are processed instantly when they are generated or added to the system. The "Transfer IDoc immediately" option is selected for Outbound Options and the "Trigger Immediately" option is selected for Inbound Options. These checks are usually necessary when two systems need to exchange information in real time.
Figure 1 IDoc Processing – Outbound Options
Figure 2 IDoc Processing – Inbound Options
Manual Processing
Manual processing of IDocs in SAP can be done via the tcode BD87. Enter IDoc number or any other selection criteria and click “Execute”.
Figure 3 IDoc Manual Processing – BD87
If the status is yellow, select the IDoc and click “Process”.
Figure 4 IDoc Manual Processing – Status Monitor
Once the IDoc is processed, the status will change to 03 and you will see the screen below:
Figure 5 IDoc Manual Processing – Idoc processed
In case your IDoc is in red status, you will be not able to process it but you can check the error using “Display IDocs” button or double clicking on the IDoc.
Figure 6 IDoc Manual Processing – Idoc with Error
On the next screen you will see current status and the error message: “Could not find code page for receiving system”. Once the issue is fixed, you can reprocess this IDoc again.
Figure 7 IDoc Manual Processing – Idoc with Error - Details
Processing Via Background Job
The background processing of IDocs is the most preferred method. The background job for processing IDocs uses the following programs:
RBDAPP01 – Inbound IDocs
RSEOUT00 – Outbound IDocs
Reprocessing Idocs
Using IDoc statuses as a basis, various programs can be used for reprocessing unsuccessful IDocs. These are listed below:
Table 1 Programs for Reprocessing IDocs


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