Structure of an IDoc

An IDoc is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) document, which can be used to transfer data between two systems in a structured way. An IDoc is composed of several segments, each containing one or more fields of information that together make up the entire document.

The IDoc structure consists of three parts: Control Records, Data Records and Status Records.
Figure 1 IDoc Structure
The records are kept in SAP's transparent tables, which are EDIDC, EDID4 and EDIDS.
Control Record (EDIDC)
This IDoc includes details like the number, direction, status, basic type, message type and partner (sender/receiver), time when it was first created/last updated, Interchange File or ISA number, etc.
Figure 2 IDoc Control Record - Typinfo
Figure 3 IDoc Control Record - Partner
Figure 4 IDoc Control Record – Technical Info
Figure 5 IDoc Control Record - Details
Data Record (EDID4)
The IDoc segments are included in the information.
Figure 6 IDoc Data Records
The IDoc segment contains the necessary data fields for executing a successful document posting.
Figure 7 IDoc Data Records - Details
Status Records (EDIDS)
The IDoc Status describes the state of the IDoc's processing. IDoc statuses can be used to monitor the progress and flow of an IDoc. IDoc status is represented by Status Numbers. The Control record contains the current status of the IDoc.
Figure 8 Inbound IDoc Status Records
Figure 9 Outbound IDoc Status Records
When an iDoc is being handled, it goes through a number of events or stages. The result of each processing stage is identified by a two-digit code. An inbound iDoc is considered successful when its status is set at 50, "IDoc added". If the incoming iDoc is successful, it will move to status 53, designated as "Application document posted".
The status of each milestone on an iDoc is recorded in the iDoc status record. The iDoc statuses enable tracking of the iDoc processing. iDoc status is essential for identifying potential issues during iDoc processing, as it reflects the outcome of a transaction: successful completion, errors, or partial success with errors.
The final status of the iDoc is one of the control records and is its last status code.
Please review the status of these iDocs. The iDoc has gone through 4 processing steps in the Inbound process. In the beginning, iDoc was initiated (status 50) and ultimately, iDoc successfully uploaded the application document (status 53).
The iDoc sample has 3 statuses ranging from the creation stage (status 01) to the point where it is passed to the external program (status 03).
Table 1 Inbound / Outbound IDoc statuses


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