Create Material Stock in SAP using MB1C

The Material Stock in SAP can be increased through goods receipt transactions, such as purchasing or production orders. The Material Stock can also be adjusted through various inventory management transactions, such as stock transfers or material reservations.

There are various Tcodes available for creating Material Stock.
  1. MB1C ( Other Goods Receipts) material creation for opening balance
  2. MIGO (used for receipt of material / issue / transfer).
To create material stock as an opening balance, we utilize the MB1C Tcode in this case.
Step 1: In the command field, type Tcode MB1C.
Enter the Plant Storage location and Movement Type 561. Click Enter
Figure 1 Plant Storage location and Movement Type
Step 2:  After entering data on the preceding screen, the following item screen will appear:
Input the material code for which stock needs to be created and type in material quantity for stock creation.
Figure 2 Quantity for stock creation.
Step 3 : Click on save button.


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Rohit Sharma 45 w

MB1C is no more in S4hana :(