Finding SAP Function Keys and searching the T-code in SAP Menu

SAP is a powerful ERP software suite that offers businesses a number of features to help them perform common tasks more quickly and efficiently. For example, SAP Function Keys are important for users to quickly access certain functions in SAP, or searching for a Tcode in SAP Menu can be a daunting task for the unexperienced user. Knowing where to look and what to search for is essential for finding the correct transaction code quickly.

SAP Function Keys

In essence, function keys offer a supplementary means of navigating SAP. The availability of the function keys changes from screen to screen. During a transaction, if you right-click your mouse, a list of available function keys will appear.
Figure 1 Function Keys in Sales Order

Finding the T-code in SAP Menu

To find the function module or area that a certain T-code belongs to, follow the steps in the Menu Tree below:
  • Press Ctrl+F and type the t-code name. Make sure the "in text" and "In technical name" checks are both selected.

Figure 2 Function Find in Menu Tree
  • Click “Find”.



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