Adding a Transaction Code to Favorites

One of the most convenient features of SAP is the ability to save frequently used Tcodes, or transactions codes, to a “Favorites” list. This feature allows users to quickly access Tcodes that are used often and avoid having to search for them each time. This article will explain how users can add their favorite T-codes to the Favorites list in SAP.

If users frequently utilize certain T-codes, they can add them to their "Favorites" list:
  • Select Insert Transaction from the shortcut menu when you right-click "Favorites."


  • After typing the t-code that the user wants to add to their favorites, click "OK.”



  • Tcode will be now visible under "Favorites"


There are 3 more methods to add a transaction to your Favorites list:
  • Follow the menu path Favorites Add from the SAP Easy Access screen.
  • From the SAP Menu path, select the transaction, drag it and drop in the Favorites folder.
  • Add to Favorites can be found in the context menu when you right-click the transaction.



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