Sending And Receiving SAP Idocs

Sending and receiving SAP IDocs is a process that enables organizations to electronically exchange business documents between different systems. IDocs are used to facilitate the communication of data such as orders, invoices, and shipping notices between companies. IDocs, are generated internally by SAP applications and can be sent to external applications.

Triggering An Outbound Idoc
Multiple types of output messages, such as Purchase Orders, deliveries, Material Documents and invoices, can be used to trigger Outbound IDocs. Once the output NEU of PO 3000000322 is processed, an IDoc labelled "0000000000501963" is generated.
Figure 1 Triggering An Outbound IDoc from Purchase Order
The connection between the application document and the IDoc can be identified through two methods.
  1. The IDoc contains a Relationship tab.

Figure 2 Relationships of IDoc
Figure 3 Relationships to IDoc - Details
  1. The Relationship tab of Application Documents, such as purchase orders, sales orders, and material documents.

Figure 4 Relationships of Application Document
The IDoc's initial status is 01, which will be changed to 03 upon successful processing.
Figure 5 Successful Outbound IDoc - Statuses
For a successful outbound IDoc, the statuses should be changed sequentially in reverse order (01-30-03). An IDoc validation step is represented by each status. Upon successfully passing all validations, an IDoc will reach status 03. The steps for validating outgoing IDocs are outlined below:
01: IDoc generation successful
30: IDoc is ready to be processed by IDoc Processing job
03: IDoc data is passed to the Port
Any of the steps in IDoc validation may not be successful.
Receiving An Inbound Idoc
The initial status of an inbound IDoc is 50 and the successful status is 53.
Figure 6 Successful Inbound IDoc - Statuses
Different validation steps for inbound IDocs are explained below:
50: IDoc received successfully in the system
64: IDoc is ready to be processed by IDoc processing job
62: IDoc is passed to application
53: Application document created and saved successfully. The document number can be found by expanding the status node 53
Figure 7 Inbound IDoc – Status 53
An inbound IDoc goes through all the above statuses in reverse order (50-64-62-53).


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